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  • RFactory LED Bag

    Photo Credit: Hanep creative Studio

    Powered by the 360Fash Tech "LED Bag" Kit

  • Fashion Tech Motion Dress RFactory Anina 360Fash Tech Kit

    Motion Dress - Combine movement & light!

    Dress made by RFactory

    Photo by Hanep Creative Studio

    Powered by 360Fash Tech "Motion" Kit

  • Fashion Tech Robotic Dress Michael Starost Bruce Bateman Anina 360Fash Tech Kit

    Dress by Michal Starost

    Maker: Bruce Bateman

    Photo by Hanep Creative Studio

    Powered by 360Fash Tech "Robotic Dress" Kit

  • Fashion Tech Maker Kits

    for fashion designers who can't code or solder!

    Speaker: Anina Net, 360Fashion Network

  • 360Fash Tech Kit Maker Kit Fashion Tech Wearables

    Works out of the box.

    Everything you need to create smart clothing!

  • Our Product

    The 360Fash Tech Kit was created to enable fashion designers to create smart garments & accessories without the need to code or soler.


    Each kit is an out-of-the-box solution with a drag-and-drop Visual Programming tool to be able to control the hardware without touching a single line of code. The plug-and-play cables & connectors require no soldering to snap the parts together.

    Fashion designers can now focus on integration and product design as their first steps into wearable tech & intelligent lifestyle.

    LED Kit

    Light up your design!

    The smorgasbord of light to pick and choose how to illuminate your designs.

    Flash  Your Bag.

    There are lots of ways to bling, but the bag is the thing.

    Illuminate handbags with LED lights that change patterns.

    Motion Kit

    Turn motion into light!

    Based on Anina Net's "Motion Detection Dress", you walk - you flash, you move -- you light up. Make your creation responsive to movement by illuminating soft LED Ribbons.

    Weather Kit

    Express Today's Weather.

    As the day heats up, your creations can reflect the changing weather temperature. Your creation connects to weather data on the internet and changes color accordingly.

    Transform the shape of your garments!

    Based on Anina Net's original design of the "Robotic Dress", now everyone can easily integrate motors into their creations to change the shape.

    Match light to your hand's positions!

    The kit that made the "Qi Suit" by ROMASTER which translates Taichi moves into coordinated light patterns, shown at Intel Developer Forum. Use gestures to control lighting patterns on your creation.

    Heartbeat Kit

    Your heart lights up your design!

    Your heart starts beating when you see that special someone, express it by lighting up your jewelry, clothing, and accessories to your heart beat.

    Proximity Kit

    Your Personal Space in a Box.

    Whether you are near or far, your creation responds to the distance between it and other people in your proximity.

    Music Kit

    Let your design feel the sound!

    By hearing the signal in do, rei, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do, this kits splits the signal into vibration, so you not only hear the music but feel it throughout your body.

    Heating Coat Kit

    Warm up your creation with nano technology!

    Your coat can be thin but warm inside. This kit uses soft patented nano technology heating fabric to warm up the wearer on a cold night.

    Solar Power Kit

    Let the sun do the work for you!

    We have partnered with the leading flexible solar power company who have a flexible 22.9% efficiency panel to bring you this kit.

    The Legal Kit

    Make sure you have the right documents for your products!​

    Now you've got your product ready to go - what's next? We partnered with Law on the Runway to create a kit with legal documents.

  • Testimonial

    Feedback from a workshop student.


    At the 360Fashion & Tech Day Amsterdam presented by Fashion Technology Lab and held at Makerversity July 8th, we had a Robotic Dress Workshop where attendees learned how to control the servo motors and build a Visual Program.


    Here is feedback on our workshop and also on learning how to Visual Program. Don't just take our word for how easy it is to work with our kits!







    Welcome to Our Lab

    Our 360Fash Tech Lab is located in Beijing, China


    Are you a student with a fashion tech dream? Come and intern with us and we will help you with your graduate projects.

    Our 360Fash Tech Kits do not require you to touch a line of code (unless you want to!) Instead it uses a drag-and-drop system to create the logic to control your kit.

  • What's in Our Kits?

    Every kit has these items in it:

    Special Materials Ready Made

    Fashion Needs Flexibility

    We have sourced and created new materials, LEDs, and fabrics to put in our kit to make it uniquely tailored for fashion design.

    SmartNode to the Rescue

    Just drag an object onto the canvass and sew them together with a thread to control the hardware.

    Intel Edison

    Designed With Power

    Our Kits come packed with computing power and you can take advantage of adding intelligence to your designs.

    Intel Curie

    Arduino 101

    Motion, temperature and bluetooth all in one little chip.

    3D Printing Files

    Redesign It

    We give you the 3D Print and STL files so you can embellish them with your own style and flair.

    Learn How to Make Your Own

    With our online tutorials you can learn step by step how to modify the kit's existing code or to create your own.

  • The Blog

    What we are up to and more...


    Leave us a question and we will be happy to answer you!

  • Our Partners

    Join us in empowering fashion brands to create #smartfashion #fashiontech

  • Our Team

    We are passionate about bringing great technology into the hands of creative professionals.

    Anina Net


    Anina is a model with a passion for technology and the founder of the 360Fashion Network. With over 15 years experience in the fashion industry and 10 years experience in Technology, Anina is one of the leaders in the fashion tech space globally. Her passion is building a bridge between fashion and tech.

    David Li


    David Li has been contributing to open source since 1990. He is member of Free Software Foundation, committer to Apache projects and board director of ObjectWeb. Co-founder of Maker Collider, in collaboration with Intel, David promotes mass hackerspaces in the field of education and in the public sector.

    The General

    Head of SmartNode

    Leading the drag-and-drop simplicity for fashion designers.

    Li Kahn

    Software Engineering

    Making all the code for fashion designers.


    Hardware Engineering

    Creating testing the hardware for fashion designers.

    Our Partners

    Pushing the Envelope

    We cooperate with fashion designers, brands, and technology companies to make great demos with our 360Fash Tech Kit.





    Calling all fashion brands!

    If you have a wearable tech or smart garment you would like to build - we have 20 engineers ready to serve you and 10 years fashion tech experience.


    Contact us to discuss your plan with us:

    info [at] 360fashion [dot] net


    ...don't forget to sign up for our crowdfunding campaign!

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